This is the last field trips planned by New Hope Christian Homeschool and will be the last one to go through this sig email/ paypal as everything will be swapped over soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


This event is open to all homeschoolers. Please expand and read the FULL description.

To sign up, you MUST email with the number of students AND number of adults. Fees may be paid by paypal or check by mail. Paypal to the same email.

You must sign up by July 20 to be included in this trip. You may change or cancel your reservation by July 20. Any refunds will be issued within 1 week of the trip date. If you cancel or change your reservation after the deadline, no refunds will be issued. You may however, find someone to take your space.

This is our annual end of year trip… or back to school trip. However you want to see it.

We will be going to the Mcwane Center in Birmingham!
Monday August 6 at 9am.

Students: $5
parents: $0
extra adults: $6

Parking will be $5 per vehicle in the deck. Street parking is metered.

We will meet in the lobby by the ball drop at 9:00 am.
You must check in with Jennilee Miller or you will pay full rates for the visit.

Once we are checked in and have received your sticker, you are free to enjoy your day. We will not be going through as a group since we have so many different ages attending although you will find several of us hanging out in groups.

I will however remain your contact for the day if you have questions about the day.

Lunch will be available in the cafe. There is no set lunch time.
You may leave whenever you wish.

Special Exhibits at Mcwane during our visit

**There will be special programs, live science demonstrations, give-aways during our visit.

The slide from the 3rd floor to 2nd floor should be open!

Dinosaurs in Motion engages and educates the visitor using magnificent, fully interactive, life-size metal dinosaur sculptures created by North Carolina artist John Payne. An amazing blend of science, art and innovation, these life-sized metal sculptures will captivate visitors while their exposed mechanics illustrate science and technology principles in engaging ways.

Payne’s dinosaur sculptures also weave the principles of kinetics, biomechanics and robotics in their exposed mechanics and movable features. Visitors have the unique ability to manipulate the dinosaurs via lever and pulley systems, as well as with remote controls, offering large-scale dinosaur interaction unprecedented in a museum setting. Principles of innovation, observation and experimentation are also encouraged throughout the exhibition and are reinforced as the visitor takes on the roll of an “apprentice” in Payne’s studio.

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